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Tours to Bukhara: Hear an echo of centuries.


Gold Bukhara or the city of legends this is how called this magnificent and ancient city in Asia. The history of Bukhara is mysterious and many-sided. It is named sacred and noble. Small streets of this city store memories of ups and downs, walls of the city remember great wise men living there once. When you order tours to Bukhara, you receive a unique possibility to experience breath of history, touch secrets of the past and witness all greatness of this city. No one knows where the name Bukhara comes from. However as legends say its origin is connected with Zarathustric deity Siyavush, someone considers that Siyavush is an Iranian king who founded the city and has constructed the great fortress Ark.

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Anyway, the history of the foundation of the city goes back to centuries. In 1997 according to the initiative of UNESCO the whole world celebrated 2500 years of Bukhara. Probably, there are not so many places where centuries-old history can be felt in as it is felt here. Bukhara endured ups and downs throught all the history, it was attacked more than once by aggressors, it many governors changed. But people continued to write the history. The Great Silk Road passed through Bukhara, and about 60 caravanserais were constructed in the territory of the city for merchants and foreigners.
Until recently, worship of a sacred tomb of the sheikh was equated as a hajj to Mecca and now this place is highly honored by Muslims. In the Middle Ages, Bukhara was a sacred city for all Muslims of Central Asia it reflected in its appearance. Chor-Minor Madrasah, Mausoleum of Ismail Samani, Kalyan Mosque, Mir-Arab madrassah these and many others you can observe after ordering our tours around Bukhara. There are more than 10 hotels in Bukhara, each of them is glad to open hospitable embraces, and to demonstrate with pleasure the eastern kindliness and European comfort, and our company in turn with pleasure will arrange booking and organization. Your rest will be preceded with the maximum comfort and conveniences. Eastern markets, fine cuisine, and a set of other pleasures will expect you in this romantic corner of the earth. You can order our tour to Bukhara, contact us.
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Bukhara History

Bukhara has many names. The word “Bukhara” harmonically sounds with Sanskrit word “Vikhara”, meaning “monastery” and Chinese word “Bikhar” - is the place of idols.

Scientists are still arguing about the origin of the name of the city. It is said that the founder of Bukhara was the son of Iranian king – Suyavush. He married to Afrosiab king’s daughter and built the Ark Fortress.

About 300 thousands people live in Bukhara. The city is multinational; it is homeland for Uzbeks, Tajik people, Russians, Turkmen, Arabs, Iranians, Jews and others.


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